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Title: Shartak, anyone?
Post by: Dustin on February 24, 2015, 02:58:13 am
Has anyone played http://www.shartak.com/ (http://www.shartak.com/) online?

It's interesting. There's no plot or story, but the world map is of a massive island. Simple graphical layout.

Different types of users (cannibals, pirates, island natives, outsiders) with different character classes (medics, scouts, warriors, scientists, etc.) The terrain is jungle, beach, grassland, swamps, mountain, caves, water, deep water, etc. There are animals roaming around: elephants, monkeys, rats, bats, rhinos, alligators, birds, silverbacks, and more. Various weapons and items to acquire.

While simple, it's worth a look. I have a character playing as an "outsider" of a village called "York", if you end up joining.

I've been experimenting with databases online, and could see Overkill (or a new game!) ported over to a web-browser.

Title: Re: Shartak, anyone?
Post by: DamFrawd on October 28, 2015, 03:37:23 am
  I took a peek at the game a coupla months ago and I seem to be hooked. I've even let a few of the bazillion OOII games I'm playing slide a bit. Its a cool game that is made to not suck too much time daily, but it takes  awhile to get around in to accomplish anything. I disagree with Dustin though. There are alot of stories abounding in this game. They are player driven though. The level of roleplaying is quite high, with feuds and PK'ing a normal bit of business. Its also an old game, at least 10yrs old.  Compared to OOII, movement is quite similar, as is the random creature encounters to kill. You can track them down to help find them though. The gamemap is HUGE though (compared to OOII) so even though there are others playing as well as yourself in real time, you don't run into others much (except in gathering places.) Their forums are not very active, so its really hard to see how many folks are playing, as you can't see who's loged into the game anywhere.
   If anybody else wants to drop by and take a look at it, DF is based in York. I also have a pirate charactor based at the shipwreck.