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Title: The taste of apples.
Post by: mindphaser on January 10, 2004, 11:07:33 am
Dear Mom,

The grunting sound I heard turned out to be a Katar.  He was fat, and ugly--not to mention the smell.  I was so terrified when he yelled at me that I ran for my life.  Of course, I had just dropped my leather armor to pick up a laser vest, the Katar just happend to show up in the process, while I was undressed (my luck!).  I came back for the armor, later of course.  Thankfully the Katar didn't take anything.  If he had, I would've hunted him down no armor, low level, and all.  

Back to the armor--laser vest sure fits nicely--I hope I can find another one after its used up.  They're so expensive at the complex, and the wastelands are no place to be without armor.  I wish I could see you mom, but those hydrites are tough which makes the journey a hard one.  I'll level up quickly enough, now that I'm over my bout of starvation.  Seems like I eat and eat but it doesn't do any good, then all of a sudden I eat and I'm full!  It must be these rations, they're nothing compared to the ooze soup you made, or the hawk sandwhiches!  

Well I better go get my staph vaccination now....I heard one of the recruits died of it yesterday.   :evil:

Overkill Hunter

(*not that I'm much of a fan fiction writer, I just didn't want this forum to be empty--hope you enjoyed*)