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Title: Dinner is served!
Post by: mindphaser on April 09, 2004, 09:08:31 am
Squinting, I look at the horizon again.  Jumping down off of my rock perch, I announce,  "No acid rain tonight, it's a nice healthy brown-black haze, 100 foot ceiling."  Pulling out my arial scanner I fire off a flare.  "No nukem about either", I say and my body relaxes just a fraction.  After watching the flare die out and double checking the results, I approach the campfire.

"That's too bad," Spatula replied, "Barl was telling me of a new theory the HX Force had come up with to stop nukem for good, was looking to try it out!"

"Oh no, not the 'put a thumper in the decontamination chamber' spiel again" I say jokingly, while putting my aerial scanner away.

"No, it's one part landmine, three parts medpacks.  But see the trick is to ..." Spatula stops mid sentence, his gaze going back to the rock behind me.  One arm pulls me out of the way while his other arm pulls out his Hydra Jack.  Silently he approaches the rock and peers around it.  Sensing his urgency, I too pull out my hand to hand weapon.  Spatula waves me over, "Look!" he mouths while pointing in the distance.  It takes a moment for me to see what he's pointing at.  

"That didn't show up on the aerial scan!", I whisper, "What is it?".  He shrugs his shoulders and stares intently at the creature.  It was small, perhaps a foot and half long.  It appeared to be covered in some type of hair, and had a distinctive round, almost poofy, tail.  Its oblong ears twitched almost constantly, as if it could hear us.    

"What's it doing?" I ask, seeing as the only part of the creature I can see moving are his ears.

Rapt, watching the wasteland mutant, Spatula's response was to put his Hydra Jack back into his pack and pull out his long range weapon.  He looks at me for a moment and whispers, "Don't you mean, what was it doing?"  He grins as he sights the hairy mutant in his crosshairs and fires off a shot, "BANG".

"Missed!"  I shout as a puff of dust explodes behind the animal.    "Let's get 'em!"  I jump over the rock and sprint towards the animal.  Spatula wasted no time in following me while exchanging weapons mid stride.  Rapidly we approached the creature, both of us aware that it hasn't moved a muscle.  Only it's beady black eyes seemed to be focused on both of us--assesing us as we approach.  Then in a flash it took off running faster then a wasp gone beserk!  "We scared him off--man he can run fast" I pant, and approach the spot where the creature was sitting, "he must not like the odds of 2 to 1 very small mutant!"  

"Looks like he went into this hole" Spatula points to a small opening in the ground, "Hey what's this?"  He shouts as he reaches down to pick up an object.

Hesitantly I look at what his hand is holding, my eyes not wanting to wander from the dark hole too long.  "A Hydrite Egg!"  I exclaim as I see the object in his hand.  "But it looks different some how...like someone's... painted it".  We both look down to where the Egg was found, and see 4 more, all decorated differently.  

"They're warm!" Spatula exclaims, "It's like he was sitting on them".

"Weird" was say in unison.  "Lets get outta here" I whisper, looking back into the hole and remembering the monster's quickness.  

Spatula nods in agreement and we quickly snatch up the remaining eggs, and make our retreat back to camp.  "At least we'll eat well tonight" Spatula says, as he whips out his antique frying pan and his infamous spatula.  My lips automatically spasm into a smile as I recall the story about Spatula's name, I open my mouth to comment on it but he beats me to it, "If you say anything about it, I'll stuff your head in that hole and eat all these eggs myself!" he waves the spatula threateningly at me.  I laugh, nervously remembering the creatures' speed.  My eyes roam over the wastelands searching for mutants who might be approaching.  It will be another restless night--knowing that some mutant out there is stocking up on painted hydrite eggs for a reason I will never be able to guess....

(*Happy Easter!  Thanks go to Spatula for letting me steal his nick*)

Title: Re: Dinner is served!
Post by: Dustin on July 21, 2008, 08:19:25 am
Fantastic story, 'phaser.

Title: Re: Dinner is served!
Post by: mindphaser on August 01, 2008, 03:28:49 am
One positive review after 4 years and ~650 reads ain't bad. lol  Always fun to re-read it!   8)