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1  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Killing Strategy / Re: Number One Survival Tactic on: August 23, 2014, 11:15:00 am
  The problem with disconnecting is that often doing so will hang the game. Its a glitch that pops up from time to time. The game thinks someone is still playing and won't allow another to enter the game till it's un-hung. (usually manually by the sysop) I have seen games stay hung on some systems for 6 months to a year, as the sysops rarely check OOII.

if they're using a modern bbs software, when the user disconnects that process will be forced close.
if you're talking about a flag file that tells the game someone is online, yeah you should tell the sysop.

i havent had that issue yet and i've had people drop carrier in the game a lot, though.

yeah, people suck
2  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / datastream bbs telnet://dsbbs.net ooii games setup by co-dev bryan turner on: August 23, 2014, 10:34:49 am
Hello, on datastream bbs i am still running the 3 games that Bryan Turner setup that are of 3 different levels of difficulty.
Bryan Turner helped out extensively with OOII's development
http://dsbbs.net | telnet://dsbbs.net | telnet://dsbbs.net:2323

3  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: Pegasus Flight on: August 23, 2014, 10:32:14 am
Oh.. I ran across an old place where I've played off and on for years.. I forgot it was still up and running. Pegasus Flight.

Who all recalls this place of OOII history..?
They still run 3 versions of the game.. hard medium and newb..
 telnet://DsbbS.net runs a hard/med/easy set of games as well.

bryan turner's interest in bbsing dwindled and he didnt run pegasus flight for long.
on dsbbs.net i am still running the ooii games he setup, with 3 levels of difficulty

Dwarvish -- I can't connect to Pegasus Flight for some reason.  Is the telnet address you posted above correct?  Or, maybe my claws are too long and I'm typing it in wrong.

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