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16  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: Wiki...kill? on: June 24, 2015, 12:17:35 pm
I haven't seen Hawks Faq posted anywhere in years.  I think its lost to time. It wasn't up to date,  as I believe he missed the last two versions anyways. He has been AWOL a long time ;(
  Teucer and Heathkit's Faq is still can be found on  Kallahar's place. http://kallahar.com/software/ooii_faq/
That was written in 99'. Its pretty detailed with *very* few errors. Last time I looked thru it I recalled a few things it doesn't mention. I'm sure there may be a few things other players have figured out along the way that aren't there either. But that said, I doubt there is much missed.  It was very through.
 To find the OOterm programs as well as a couple of other OOII related programs http://www.ziskind.com/bbs-door-games-operation-overkill-ii.asp is the place to visit.
   I once wrote a Faq back in the day for team play. I based it off Hawks faq, but added in all sorts of stuff for the folks on my tournament team.  I lost that to a HD crash long ago.  Be cool to read it now <grin> Too bad Dusty here hasn't been bribeable to create the next version of OOII. NOw that would be cool...
17  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Roll Call- Who's playing where..? on: April 30, 2010, 01:13:50 pm
  Just killed the big Leezard on cavebbs.homeip.net.. I haven't run into too many places lately where folks are playing.. Anybody want to give up thier playgrounds..?
18  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: Overkill Reset at JumpStart BBS soon! on: November 16, 2009, 07:54:12 am
    Welp... another old fart at OOII snuck past my guard on Exciters BBS and took out the beeg Leezard.  Grats to Mercury for the new pair of lizard boots!
   Exciter booted me off the game today (as I was checking in) and re-set the wasteland. Last round was in a totally new mapset.  I wonder where we'll be fighting next.... cheerio's folks..
19  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: OFFICIAL Operation Overkill BBS List on: February 05, 2009, 12:12:41 pm
 It's under O for online system,then #4  (RPG's, MUD's,).
20  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: OFFICIAL Operation Overkill BBS List on: January 30, 2009, 09:38:03 am
When I posted the blurb for Pegasus Flight..  I had just loged off the bbs itself. The places that carry  more than one game of OOII are rare.. so it's definately a place I wander to off and on.  Last night I checked.. and couldn't connect to the BBS Sad  I'm not sure if they are down or if its on my end, as I'm having problems with my telnet program not working properly with a newer web brouser I am trying.
   If they are down for good.. that's a truely sad thing. Peg is a BBS thats been with OOII from the beginning I belive.
aka*That Dam Dwarf! * 
21  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: telnet://bbs.memphistw.org on: January 03, 2009, 10:40:08 am
 Welp.. some crazed Dwarf snuck past The Big Leezards defenses.. and wacked him. The games been re-set. The sysop tossed in a new mapset to play on too.. Take care folks..
Dam Frawd
**an Incarnation of a Mad Dwarf**
22  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: telnet://bbs.memphistw.org on: January 01, 2009, 08:33:51 am
I know of two items that you can use to go upwards. There is the telegrasp. That puts you right outside the main complex. There is also an item called a zimmer. That will toss you anywhere you type in the choordinates for, with the exception of the AFB.s. (I suspect this applies for the prison too.. but I've never tried to test that. ) So you can pop yourself to aywhere on the 5 map levels(up or down). Note: keeping from appearing inside rock is something to consider when you type in the X-Y/level.)
There is also a rather rough way to go upwards. You go to defended base that has a Zaxxon acelerator. In attempting to enter this kind of base improperly, the base defenses will teleport you somewhere. It can toss you a distance from the base on either the level its on.. or to the level below or above. This method is hard on your armor and med packs though. It also notes in thier base log where it tossed you. Tis a good thing to not camp where you are tossed  Smiley
Dam Frawd
23  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: telnet://bbs.memphistw.org on: December 31, 2008, 09:44:17 am
re: shovels.   uhmmm no. I wasn't going to mention that. Argh... Argh I say!   Shocked
P.S.  oh,  I didn't say that PC was oracle hunting before yer wait time was up.  Just that if it'd been me, I'da probbly hunted the snitch monster identitys.  Thus my paranoia that PC was doing so to give you that leg up. You must have realized that as soon as it was apparent there were two of ya, Folks might take quick steps. Alas.. it weren't so. I need to listen to my inner voices more..  Smiley
24  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: telnet://bbs.memphistw.org on: December 30, 2008, 01:59:38 pm
  Ok.. now that X-mass is over.. I can comment on yer last post without bringing doom and gloom to yer holidays   Cool
>>>Powercrazy really IS my real life friend, and we planned doing this together.<<<
  OK.. Maybe he is.. and maybe he isn't.  I started OOII because a roomate of mine in the early 90's needed a hand against a few folks. We had people stateing we were Dupeing accounts because of our logins as well. A call from the sysop on the speakerphone fixed that right up. In fact We made a great ally in that sysop for the game.. as that was where I got the chance to play in the OOII tourney back in the day. But I digress.. (we old folks tend ta do that from time to time..)
  The thing is.... YOU made the brag. Here as well in the game. Makes it kinda hard to think against a dupe account when ONE guy makes a brag on what HE's going to do.. Then all the sudden its a team stomping away.  Powercrazy loged in all that week you claimed you'd  be so kind as to allow the rest of us to put our affairs in order. (good strat to hunt out the snitch monsters aheada time says the paranoid part of me..) From your first log in on your going at it day.. yer hitting the oracle 4-5 times per login. As was powercrazy.  Now I've loged into new BBS'es (to me) and done the same. No sweat on such an easy and well known mapset as Vidland is.. But you gotta admit it also LOOKS kinda bad watching two people doing it on back to back login's from the get go. Add in the fact that although I've seen Xcalibur around.. I don't think I've run into Powercrazy.. (I'd remember someone trying to preach at me for sure..)
(A side note here:. you've not been doing most of the killing. Powercrazy has been.. So hes the one thats doing any running over.. )
>>>The OOII game on this board has recently reset.  I plan to play it seriously in a week.  I would encourage anyone interested to make a character and play with me so we can get some real competition going.  Otherwise, I'm just going to roll over all of the scrubs in that game.<<<
  You posted something simmilar in the game.  If you had mentioned you had a partner..  Perhaps folks would have taken you seriously enough to partner up in turn.. and give you that competition.  Alas instead you drove folks away from playing.  You stated that this was the most active game you've found.  Have you noted that the folks that were playing, haven't really been after you went out of your way to kill em..?  Did you even note that your team were killing level 1-2 players enough that they simply are not logging back in to play.?  The one other player that could have given you some of that fun yer after.. has been kidnaped mostly nakked. Haveing NO chance to advance.. and you cap it by freeing him from the prison and killing him over and over.  You do realize that even I know hes simply laughing at you.  Grin
>>>My intention is really just to get people riled up and play more, because I genuinely enjoy playing Overkill with other people.  I'm just giving them a reason to want to play and make me pay for all of my transgressions<<<
Ya know.. I wish I had a quarter for every person that has tried this sorta gambit in OOII. I wouldn't be exactly rich.. but I'd have alotta quarters anyways. It rarely works.. at least the way you are going at it.  I will admist I am haveing  fun  ressurection(sp?) myself after every death and gaining in stats and equipment in spite of the setbacks.  I'm also recalling some of the tricks I used to use years ago in OOII battles this way.  But you may note that others are not haveing fun... in fact they are not playing anymore. You haven't made just enemys.. you've driven folks from at least that game.  Hopefully not from the game itself, as I know for a fact that two of those folks are still in the newby/learning the ins and outs of the game stage. Food fer thought there Chummer..
Hrmmmmm I really oughta build a base or three for you to blow up I guess.. Give ya something else ta do for the rest of the X-mass break from school   Cool
Cheerios.. and see ya in the wastelands..

25  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: Please post the maps on: December 28, 2008, 03:11:48 am
26  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: OFFICIAL Operation Overkill BBS List on: December 23, 2008, 12:55:26 pm
 Oh.. I ran across an old place where I've played off and on for years.. I forgot it was still up and running. Pegasus Flight.

telnet://pegasus.ooii.org:2320 (Offline)
Who all recalls this place of OOII history..?
They still run 3 versions of the game.. hard medium and newb..
 telnet://DsbbS.net runs a hard/med/easy set of games as well.
27  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: telnet://bbs.memphistw.org on: December 23, 2008, 12:26:22 pm
 Roll Eyes   I guess that ment  (this is just a guess here you understand..)  That you waited your week or so.. Then loged into MemphisTW bbs with a vengance.. Hitting Oracle after Oracle.. (good strat there btw..) You got yer stats alllll pumped up , and managed to kill a player that has rarely made a go of running the 4th level in all the bbs'es I've bumped into him on. Now your partner.. (you know.. the guy that joined your squadron and seems to log in ONE minute after you log out.. for several rotations of you playing.. him playing..You playing, Him playing, ONE minute apart. Oh, except the day that you died to a hydrate I belive.. and screwed up the marathon) Your partner did manage to kill me after haveing to run away at least once. 
OK.. So I guess that makeing your brag to roll over folks (on the easiest mapset of the game btw..) was a tad daunting perhaps.. So You got yerself a...... partner??  I dunno.. could be..  Grin
Either way.. I'll not whine at what fate brings my way.  I'll still be in there kicking with my one log in every day or two, to match your 6 or so. (or is that 12.. I'm not that good at math.. its a dwarven thing)  Methunks I may end up oweing you a death or two sooner or later  Smiley
See ya in the wasteland Chummer..
Dam Frawd
**an incarnation of a Mad Dwarf**

28  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: telnet://bbs.memphistw.org on: December 15, 2008, 12:18:17 pm
"roll over the scrubs" 
hrmmmmm  and in english that means..??
29  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: telnet://bbs.memphistw.org on: November 08, 2008, 10:27:22 am
  With the stats you have in that game... the only question is... why haven't you offed the beeg leezard yet.?    Perhaps when you do.. you  might ask the sysop to swap mapsets. Vidland is wayyyy too easy to get around in.
30  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Killing Strategy / Re: How to Make Level 7 within 60 mins, part III on: October 26, 2008, 04:25:50 pm
 Uhmmmm that landmine was probbly mine.   Can i have it back now..?    Grin   On a side note I belive that even a land mine acts like a pit trap or the tornado,  in that it won't drop you lower than that 1 hitpoint.  It's been awhile since I've stepped on any so I'm not sure about this though. I did my experimenting on em a long time ago.
  On another side note:  Some of the info you posted from Hawk's FAQ is incorrect these days.
>>>.  The following is what Experience Levels you can find the
>>>        Oracle on the Different Map Levels:
>>>                You can find the Oracle on:

>>>                        Map 1 - when you are Level  4 or below
>>>                        Map 2 - when you are Level  6 or below
>>>                        Map 3 - when you are Level  8 or below
>>>                        Map 4 - when you are Level 10 or below
>>>                        Map 5 - when you are Level 12 or below
Incorrect.  You can find the oracle on any level.. at any level. You just won't be told of the oracle's whereabouts
by the Aroura or the snitch monsters after a certin point/level. The level 1 snitch is good till you reach level 5, The
level 2 snitch will cough up the information till you are level 7. ETC. The way to know if a snitch has turned on you
is to note when  you no longer get full exp from kills on a level. Once you no longer get that full boat of exp.. it's
time to go to a deeper level and listen to your galiticom.
  I don't know when the aroura gets uppity with her information as I've never really hunted it down
for game information.  But I am aware there is a limit. Shes a cranky ole broad  }:)

 >>>       After you make Level 13, you can no longer find the oracle
 >>>       on any of the maps.  The best way to remember what Map to
 >>>       look on is when the game tells you, You will now get low
 >>>       experience point values for the monsters above Map 2,3,4,
 >>>       or 5.  If you are getting low exp point values and crystals
 >>>       from the monsters you can't find the Oracle on that Map.
  again.. yes you can find the oracle on any map level.. after you've past the point where you
no longer are talked to, or even need to find it.  I am pretty sure you can do so after level 13..
but I haven't pushed my exp to that level in some years.. so I am not positive on that point.
By the time I'm level  9, or on some mapsets.. 10, I've usually hunted the oracle enough to go on to
the next phase of the game  Smiley
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