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1  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: Map Scale / Ranking / Rating / Difficult on: November 22, 2008, 07:52:03 am
Well you guys... I cant believe you all.  I have that file on my hard drive right now.. and it took you FOREVER to find it.. why didnt you JUST ASK ME!  the keeper of it all!..  Roll Eyes
I played every one of those maps and rated them myself.. is there anything else you are looking for that you cant locate?  about the only thing I have totally LOST forever is Hawks Helpful Hints files that gave breakdowns of all the play and how-to's.
The Players helped me rate the maps and some of Dustin's and my players wrote the maps.

Dustin and Michael - I have everything on my machine right now,  except Hawks Hints.  Let me know if you are looking for anything.. I can email them to any one of you... Smiley

Love you guys!!!
2  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: Hi, new member on: August 26, 2008, 10:50:53 pm
You're right Dwarfy Smiley  the Lerumnod is me and they are level 5 critters.  The Black Geozal was my son Black Knight,
George. (gawd I feel old now)  LOL
I might have to find you in one of the games and stick a well placed Thumper on your back - LOL
so watch your back *running away snickering*

3  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: Hi, new member on: August 23, 2008, 01:18:07 am
DWARFY!!!!  OMG!!  my long lost buddy!!  good to know you are still about!  Smiley (I use to love to kill you!!)

>>Heh.. I know I know this.. but it ain't springing to mind. All I can think of is the monster that tells ya not to belive the boasting Hawk.  I think I'll avoid a slap to the forehead by getting me a V-8 now.. Then when it's answered I'll just smile and grunt out a "duh"

I'll give you a HINT - if they are still in the game as we knew it .. dustin's namesake was/is FLUNN.......  I was/am LEM.......  now you finish the names Smiley Smiley Smiley

They are level 5 critters.

4  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Recruit Chat / Re: Hi, new member on: August 17, 2008, 04:26:41 am
reply to PS. Trivia question here.. what version was it where to fight the Lez-Mot was equavallent to suicide..? I think Dustin pointed out that "some monsters were not made to be killed.." back then.   LOL

I think that was in .99 version when Dustin and Tom Hazel split up and Dustin went on his own.  Tom hazel was a JERK who stole most of Dustin's stuff at the time and took the rewards himself.  The Lez-Mot was named after him (Tom Hazel) and was not meant to be killed at the time. 
The rest was history and the whole story I have still of all of that stuff.

Suprax, the first to kill Overkill and still have the Trophy on my desk..a little dusty but still there.. LOL

Trivia: PS, what monster was named after ME?  Smiley
5  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Bugs and Annoyances / Re: Serious Delay on: July 24, 2008, 07:52:15 pm
agreed - I went into the Novice game yesterday and the delay is almost not playable. although I can play if I wait long enough for each screen to re-draw.  Smiley
I also used Telnet to the BBS - dont have the ooterm.  so I took Dustin's advice and just logged in through Telnet.
(still trying to remember how to play.. LOL )

6  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Tales from the Wastelands / The Mist on: July 20, 2008, 10:12:55 pm

by Black Knight (George Murrell)

     A hazy mist arose from the cold ground and slowly surrounded
me.  As I opened my eyes in astonishment, the mist slowly shaped
into an old man's face.  I had no time to think as it spoke to me;
"Trust nobody, not even yourself."  Stunned by its presence, I
froze in my tracks as a tremendous power surge ran through my veins.
I reached up toward the sky as if to ask for help.  I had no idea
what was being done to me.
Then, all became quiet.  The mist slowly seeped back into
the ground, and was gone.  The surge was gone; however, I felt
stronger, smarter, and more agile than I did before the mist
engulfed me.  What I had witnessed was something that was very
rare out here in the Wastelands.  It was called the Oracle.  Only
two men alive had ever seen one, and they became obsessed with
the idea that it could happen again, so they ventured off into
the Wastelands, and was never heard from again. 
     It was a cold morning as I rose out of my bunk.  My head hit
the railing underneath Viper's bed.  "Hey!  Watch where you put
that head of yours!  It could get chopped off one day."  He
snapped, pulling out his razor sharp Tevix-Bahn.  "Sorry," I said
in a soft voice.  Viper was well known to be the best killers of
all the recruits.  He had all the best weapons, armor, and was
the strongest of all the Hexmen.  They say he once had a glimpse
of the Hydrite's base, but before he could get inside, he fought
two-hundred hydrites in about a half-an-hour.  I couldn't argue
with them because I had just gotten at the Main Complex three
days ago.  I was just a "rookie" to the other Hexmen.  I hadn't
even told anyone about the Oracle I had seen.  "Just another dumb
newcomer!" they would say.  I was practically thier slave.  Just
couldn't reason with anyone in that place, except for one
recruit.  An older guy had a long white beard, huge hands, and a
very strong sense of togetherness, his name was Top Kat.  He had
told me the story of the Hydrite takeover of the planet and how
they want all the water on the Earth.  Got me a little scared.
But one day, it all came down to the last fight. 
     Suprax and I were on watch partol on the Second Tower right
over the Sand Mountains.  We had been assigned to monitor a
Hydrite settlement on the Plains of Yorkshire.  "Movement!" she
wispered in my ear.  I had my Salanger ready to be plunged into
some Hydrite gut when I turned and saw a huge mass of radiation
coming at me quicker than I could react.  The "Mass" struck me
with his tentical and tore away my armor.  Suprax, being more
experienced than I was, ripped out her Electric Sword and swung
it into the heart of the "Mass".  It quivvered for about three
seconds and died.  "Thanks," I said to her.  "No problem," she
said with relief.  I looked onto the ground and I saw a weapon
buried lightly into the ground.  It was a Trans-axe.  "You lucky
son-of-a-gun", she said.  I picked it up and it was fully charged
with 200 rounds of ZZETS Shells.  I strapped it to my back and was
ready to do battle with these monsters! 

    I heard a hummming sound coming from the sky.  As I looked
up, there was the Hydrite spacecraft ready to land on the
campsite.  "So that's what this settlement was.  It's a landing
site for the spacecraft," I said in amazement.  The craft was
about 250 meters in diameter and had a hole in the bottom of it
that could hold 20,000 Hydrites.  As it landed, alarms rang and
those little green monsters swarmed around the craft and bowed as
the hatch opened.  "There he is!" Suprax said.  And it was.  The
infamous Overkill.  The leader of all those maggot eating
Hydrites.  As he glided down the ramp, his long red cape flowed
behind him in the greatest charm as I had ever seen.
This...THING...was 15 feet tall, had bright green scaly skin, and
a weapon like I had never seen.  "What is that thing he's
holding?" I asked Suprax.  "That's an Xendrix.  The most powerful
weapon of the Wastelands.  It could cut through a solid titanium
block 12 feet thick with one swoop.  You don't want to mess with that
guy."  She said with quite a warning to her voice.  We must had
been talking too loud, as a monitoring device picked up our life
signs and an alarm sounded off louder than 20 jets taking off at
the same time.  "GET THEM!!"  Overkill yelled raising his right
hand and dropping it in attack.  We were faced in front of an
army of 400 Hydrites.  We were not dumb Hexmen.  By the time I
looked around, Suprax had already footed it 45 meters ahead of
me, transmitting a radio device to the Complex saying that the
Hydrites have found us, and they will attack in 15 minutes.

"Received," Viper acknowledged.  "Get the cannons in place
Top Kat. Col. KAT!  KAT!!"  Rolling out of his bed, Top Kat awoke
in the worst mood he could ever be in.  Faced with an army of 400
Hydrites, the Hydrites craft, and Overkill himself, the only
thing I could do was to run for my life until I got to the
Complex.  The battle was about to be underway. 
     As the cannons were being rasied up onto the base, I
suddenly felt a trembling in my body.  I looked at my hands while
I was running and they were glowing with a bright blue mist, like
the mist I saw four days ago.  Before I knew it, I was running
twice as fast as I was before.  My arms grew out of my shirt and
I felt a sense of courage run through my veins.  I didn't stop
running though I had to fight myself to keep on going.  My fear
was gone.  Instead, I had a pure fighting spirt.  The glow
disappeared, but the strength remained with me.   "Outer gates
close in two seconds." the intercom crackled.  The base was
equipped with a computer system to run the base system.  "Gates
close in one second."  the computer crackled again.  I dove for
the opening and just barely made it inside with my legs.  "Come
on and get us you Hydrite scum.  You not will get past me!"  I
yelled out the complex.  I ran back to the closed gates and
started to pull them apart trying to get out of the base
security.  Suprax ran up to me and started to pull me away from
the gates as I tore them apart.  "Don't go out there!" she
yelled.  "You will never survive!  They will kill you!"  My
courage had overwhelmed me.  I had to get a piece of Hydrite meat
between my teeth and crunch their bones to dust.  "Are you
crazy!" she yelled, trying to pull me from the bars.  I was now
twice the size of her and had twice the stregth.  Those bars were
like putty in my hands.  I had to chose between fighting in the
base, or crunching Hydrites, which at the time was a great idea.

    "Trust nobody, not even yourself."  echoed through my head.
I then realized what I was doing.  The Oracle had given me a
warrior in place of what I really was.  I had to overcome the
courage and be myself again.  The men who saw the Oracle the
first time couldn't overcome the courage and tryed to fight the
army alone and died in the process.  Would I become one of them?
Would I be a lost cause because of too much courage?  I slowly
bent the bars back into place as Suprax grabbed me and dragged me
inside the base.  Alarms were ringing and Hexmen recruits were
scattered throughout the base setting up the Hyperaccelerator
cannons with plasma rifles in hand.  "Hydrites broke outer
defense perimeter!"  Col. Kat announced.  I took my spot two
flights up in the shooting towers as I saw the army break into
the base.  The outer cannons had blown away about 150 Hydrites
already.  It was all up to the 50021-HX Unit to defeat this
mighty army and their leader.  I reached around to my Trans-axe
and to my amazement, it had turned into one of those Xendrix's
Suprax had told me about.

I was now Equipped with full most powerful Reflecto armor,
and my Herculean loaded to the max, I ran downstairs in full
battle gear.  "Die!" shouted a Hydrite
dressed in his gear.  I ripped out my Xendrix and tore out his
insides as I ran past him.  Yells and screams were heard
downstairs as Hexmen and Hydrites were battling it out.
ZZZIIIPPP!!  A shot of ice blasted past  as a Hydrite Guard fired
his Z-Tempest at me.  "So you want to play like that, do you?"  I
asked the Guard sarcasticly.  I swung my Hercleon around and
blasted a hole through him.   Pieces of Hydrite flesh were flying
everywhere.  I sliced past my last Hydrite before I came across
the master himself.  "You really think a puny human like you will
defeat me?" Overkill said deeply.  "No!  I know I can!"  raising
my Xendrix in battle position.  "Fine!  You want to do this the
hard way?  Then let the fight begin."  He thrashed his Xendrix
against my arm drawing blood from it.  "A mere flesh wound will
not stop me!"  I said.  I thrashed my weapon into his mid-
section.  "Now you will, die!" Overkill screamed as he saw the
blood.  My skills prevailed me as he rushed towards me, and I
flipped over his 15 foot high head and landed my Xendrix squarely
on his skull.  Overkill fell in a pool of blood and lay still.

The other Hydrites looked on in awe as they saw their leader
enslaved by a human.  Their hesitation was their downfall.  The
other Hexmen in pure radiance sliced the remaining Hydrites into
bits.  Everything suddenly became quiet.  The base was silient as
the remains of Overkill soared into the air and disappeared.  The
fight was over.  The Complex remained intact.  We had won. 

     I never really figured out what the Oracle meant when it
said "Trust nobody,.."------
Until this one time when Suprax and I were
having dinner in the Recreation center.  "Soup too hot for you, Ma'm?"
I asked her.  "Oorpt, glupts, hlerpt!"  she mumbled.
7  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Tales from the Wastelands / Old Story by Tarix :) on: July 20, 2008, 10:08:49 pm
By Michael Montague
Life Story

Here's a quiet little story of my life:

   TARIX walked in the Complex stumbled down the hall and colapsed on his small
bunk.  He threw off his pack and tucked it neatly beside his bunk.

   "Man, that was the worst day I've had in a while," he mumbled to himself.
"More damn Hydrites out and around than I've got ammo for...  Might as well get
some rest, it's going to be a worse night tomorrow."

   I lay on the bed and went quickly to sleep remembering first to slip on arm
through my pack.  I fell asleep counting my ctystals with my hands.

   "Gunfire!"  I thought outloud and then blackness.  A Hydrite had knocked me
out with his SanPlizer and was dragging me out of the complex.  With the last
of my conciousness I tried to fight free, but to no avail.  I went off into a
dreamy sleep totally aware of my dreded destination.

   I awoke with another jolt and my eyes quickly focused to the dim light of
the prison.  I could tell that something abnormal was going on.  Alarms were
going off everyone and gun fire could be heard.  Faster than I could think the
gun fire neared me and three Hydrites went down one after another.  A strange
and gruff voice was heard outside my door.  "Damn weeklings always sleeping in
the complex with there telegrasps."  He quickly fumbled with a few keys and
flung the door open into my head.  Conciousness once again left me.

   The visions of that night were a total blur and I couldn't remember much of
anything.  I noticed part of a message scraped in the sand and bent down to
read it:

   "Well, I didn't bother killing you because that Black Plauge you have will
do the job nicely. - HAWK"

   "Well, what a privilege," I thought.  "Some HX bigshot rescues me and
doesn't even have the guts to kill me.  He actually thinks I'll die because of
some week disease?"

   I picked up my stuff and checked my invintory.  Not much was left, but my
"friend" had left my only Med Pack.  I quickly pulled out the maps of the local
terrain and started walking toward the hole.

   Nothing bothered me on that walk, mostly to my disappointment.  I got safely
to the hole without any Hemp Rope.  So I continued walking in basically
unfarmiliar territory.  I had never been here before, but had been given a map
of the place by our team leader WEZEL DUB.  They were very helpful at this
point.  I turned and scanned the horizon and checked the maps.  There wasn't
much around so I started to scout the surrounding territory.

   There's not much more to say after that.  I found a friendly base and took
up rest for the night.  By tomorrow I'll have some fresh supplys and I will be
ready to challenge the wastelands again.  So once again I lie on my bunk and go
to sleep wondering what tonight will bring.  Only one thought comes to mind:
"Dallas in '92."

This story has been especially dedicated to HAWK. - Mike aka Tarix
8  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Tales from the Wastelands / At War on: July 20, 2008, 10:04:40 pm
The War Of Pangaea

Told by Suprax (Southern Leader) and Weezal Dub (Northern Leader)


      One of the Hounds was staring me in the face!  Before I could
blink, before I could take another step, It attacked!!  Like lightening
zipping through the sky's and even with the same grace, I slowly had to
beat it down.  That hound was dead, but wait a minute, another one attacked
me from behind!  I had to run this time.  Resting on a rock near the prison,
I had to catch my breath.  But I would have to engage in battle again and
again in order to beat the Prison Hounds.  They were tough ones!  Some
of the Northern Troop's leaders had been picked up during the night by
hydrites, and it was up to me to get them out of prison and take them to
the interrigation campsite.
       "DAMN! I have to get past ONE more Hound in order to get inside
the Prison walls!"  Suprax said with determination.  She was the strongest
right now in the Southern force.  Hawk, who was second in command, was
currently Heading up a Rock investigation for rare minerals and could not
get back in time for Daybreak when the Northern Troops would start moving
against us again.
       Finally the last hound bite the Prison walls and died.  *SIGH* At
Last She could rest for a minute before setting off the Duroplast against
the Prison walls.   She lit the fuse and Ran!

...............<<< BOOM >>>

       The Prison Gate blew open!  The halls dark and damp without a scanner
to lite the way in the prison makes it very difficult to move around the
Rock walls.  But Suprax managed to find her way to Cell A.  She used the Red
Key and slid the Cell door open.  "Outa My way, Wench!"  Weezal Dub Shouted
as he pushed his way past Suprax.  "I'll see you outside, later!" Suprax
Yelled back at him with a Grin on her face.
        That she did.  She managed to get Weezal Dub back to her campsite
where the rest of the forces attempted to get him to talk.  "Where are your
Troops Located, Weezal?!"  Scouled Major Deth.  "Ha!" Laugh Weezal which
just angered Wolfen and Kraven all the more.

Weezal Dub:

Captain Dub's brows narrowed as he wiped a spat of green blood from
his forehead, that from which a Hydrite Guard's fate was summoned early
under Dub's Xendrix.  The greenish-yellow moon casted an eerie shadow
through the dark as sparks flickered from the camp fire.  As he slowly
moved his hand toward his backpack, the pressure from the axe upon Dub's
neck increased.  "Don't even move, Northerner," Wolfen growled.  Dub's
hand ceased further motion.  Suprax, the leader of the Southern forces,
stepped from the shadows and her stern face glowed from the campfire.
"Now, Weezal Snub, why don't you tell me where the rest of your forces
are stationed before my friend Wolfen decides to roast you like a Hydrite
over the fire?"  Weezal Dub used the sleeve of his environmental suit
to clear his sinsuses.  "You know, I haven't been invited to dinner in
a LONG time," Weezal sarcastically remarked.  Suprax's fists clenched
her Xendrix as she stepped into Dub's face.  "You DON'T want to see me
use this Xendrix on you, fool."  Dub smirked and quickly turned his
attention to the dark sky.  "You're nearly next of kin in this land,
Northerner, but I'll give you at least your pick of weapon you'd like
to be beheaded with."  Wolfen raised his TransAxe while Suprax firmly
displayed her bloodstained Xendrix.  "The choice is yours."  Weezal
Dub's smirk quickly faded as a bead of sweat trickled down his forehead.
Hawk, another Southerner, cracked his knuckles in delight as Dub struggled
to find enough saliva to swallow.  "I'll take the TransAxe," Weezal Dub
gulped.  "If I should die, I'd rather die in honor by the weapon of our
main oppositiion, the Hydrites, rather than the weapon of the dearest and
most kind Southerners."  Hawk grimmaced as Dub's words struck another
nerve of rivalry.  "Off with his head!" Hawk shouted as he urgently
gestured toward Suprax with his TransAxe.  Suprax nodded to the slouched
Weezal Dub, "As you wish, yankee."  Hawk drooled as he forced Dub onto
the ground with Dub's head propped against a petrified-rock tree stump.
Hawk raised the newly sharpened TransAxe above his head as it shimmered
in the moonlight.  "Maybe next time, Hawk...," Weezal Dub murmored to
Hawk.  "There will be no next time, Weezal!" Hawk screeched as his TransAxe
quickly sliced through the air to meet Dub's bare neck.  An instant before
the final blow, a bright yellow light flashed for a split second.  The
TransAxe came crashing down upon the stone treestump in a clash of violent
sparks.  Hawk flew backwards in agony and landed in the glowing campfire.
Suprax drew her Xendrix and cocked her arm in striking motion.  Wolfen
quickly grabbed Hawk's feet and dragged him from the fire, smothering
any flames that found they're way upon his flammable combat suit.  Suprax
relaxed her weapon and cursed loudly into the air.  "What the hell?" Wolfen
dumbfoundedly asked as his jaw dropped open.  Suprax sighed to Hawk,
"Dammit.  Maybe next time..." and she walked back into the darkness.
Wolfen, still confused, through up his arms in disbelief.  Hawk wrapped
his arm around Wolfen's shoulder as they loosely followed Suprax to their
Base.  "Wolfie...let me tell you a thing or two about Telegrasps..."

9  Operation: Overkill BBS Door Game / Tales from the Wastelands / Story by Weezel and Suprax on: July 20, 2008, 10:02:16 pm
The War for Territorial Rights

Told by Suprax (Southern Leader) and Weezal Dub (Northern Leader)


   <<<<<<  BOOM  >>>>>>  It was like thunder rolling over the
wastelands.  Never had I heard such a deafening explosion.  Several
in a row jarred me out of my bunk so hard that I dropped some of
my gear and fell to my knees.  I looked around to see who was injured
and who was grabbing for their weapons.  We were under attack.
   <<<<<<  BOOM  >>>>>>  Again it sounded !!  "MY GOD, they're taking
us OUT!"  I yelled.  The sound was so loud that not much of my yelling
was heard past the explosions.  It was the NORTHERN Warriors who wanted
our bases out of the wastelands.

   We had been at war now for a decade with Weezal Dub leading his
troups against us.  He had sent his two mightiest fighters to take
out our bases:  Draino Child and The Terminator, both were deadly!

   "They found us!"  someone yelled from the Technical Room near
the telepod.  I couldn't tell whose voice it was at the time, but that
whole room collapsed in a rubble of dust as I ran toward it.

The Northern's were as hard core as we were from the start.  I had
heard The Terminator would.......  it's too terrifying to even think
about.  I had to get out of this base fast!  Suddenly, the inner wall
went.  We were breeched!!
   "It's The Terminator!"
   Hawk found me the next morning still badly wounded.  "Hey, I haven't
seen you look this bad since the last party you had in Base 1!"  Hawk
smiled down.  Throwing me over his shoulder, he carried me back to the
main base for medpacks.
   Gathering up my recruits and going over serious strategic moves, we
were ready!  It was time to put all moves into action now, I just needed
a day or two to recover from the injuries and have the bases stocked.
Orders went out to Jimbo and Black Knight to stock strategic bases with
medpacks and duroplast for the next wave of battle.  It was OUR time!!

Weezal Dub:

     "A job well done, recruits -- Terminator, Draino Child.  Your efforts
have been a brillant spectre.  Congrats on the take down of two of their
Bases this morrow.  We only have..." -- I was sorely interrupted when a
brick of stone soared by my head as the front gate of our Base had been
breeched.  "Out...everyone get out!  Plan B in affect!"  I scurried to the
Tech room to take a glimpse through the Base scanner.  "Suprax...," I
gritted through my teeth.  "Bloody hell... the bitch won't stop."  A hand
suddenly grabbed my soldier -- it was Captain Marvelous.  "Sir, our shell
Bases in tact.  Permission to lead Ryu, Gideon, Blading Warrior, and the
rest of the crew to The Punisher's awaiting Baa.." I cut in before he could
finish his sentence: "Permission granted!  Get the hell out of here!  The
Base is going to blow!"  Ryu stepped from behind Captain Marvelous.  "Dub,
I'll not go down with this Base.  I'll stand by your side and protect it
with my life."  I winced as another explosion came from the front gates
as the Accelator's hum ceased.  "Dammit, man.  There's no stopping them
this round.  I admire your faithfulness and your courage, Ryu, but we
must live to fight another day.  Gather your weapons and prepare to charge
out through the gates.  Maybe we can create a diversion if a few lasers
from our Herculean's nearmiss them."  Ryu didn't hesitate as he quickly
collected the remaining medpacks from the storage bins.  Side by side,
we charged through the smoke out into the nothing...

Moral of this story:
Don't Mess With Texas!!!

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