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Author Topic: How to Make Level 7 within 60 mins  (Read 3152 times)
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« on: December 04, 2004, 08:12:12 am »

I found this archaic tome, nestled into the side of a towering cliff, about half way up the climb.  I can't claim that it's still useful, and assimilate any information with a raised brow.

                                Lesson 1B
                         (Lesson_1.TXT revised)

        ******* How to Make Level 7 within 60 mins. *******

        Step 1
        Before you play check the Frontier to see who played
        and to see if the spaceship has gone by when the previous
        player played.

        Step 2
        If someone has played and the spaceship has not gone
        by skip Step 6.

        Step 3
        Log into the game and select Savian.
        *Note (Don't worry about the stats.)

        Step 4
        Go to the Barracks and select Recruit Chambers then User

        Step 5  
        Turn on the Expert Mode and select a Fight delay of 1.
        *Note (The only differnce between the Expert Mode and the
         Other, its been since so long since I used it I forgot what
         its called,  is how the menu is displayed on the screen.
         Instead of taking up the whole screen, the expert mode list
         the commands in a straight line across the bottom. This
         allows the screen to scroll through faster, thus more
         monsters show up in a shorter period of time.)

        Step 6  
        Go to the Supply Room and buy a steal chain.

        Step 7  
        Go back to the Barracks and then to the Bank and deposit
        all but 10 crystals.

        Step 8  
        The Biggie!!!!!  Go out into the Wastelands.

        Step 9  
        If you don't have a weapon yet look around the Complex for
        a Steal Chain, Salanger, or Natase.  If you can find
        items to sell pick them up preferably the more expensive
        items first.  If you find enough to sell come back into the
        Complex and sell them.  If you have enough crystals after
        the sale buy leather if not wait until Step 14  If you
        can't find a weapon then go back to Step 6. (DO NOT GO MORE

        Step 10
        Kill two monsters. That will give you enough experience
        points to reach level 1.

        *Warning* (DO NOT mess with the "Killer Roach"!!!!  That can
        wait until you get to Level 3 and have Armor and more hit
        points.  I also suggest staying away from monsters that
        have 10 hps more than you and, or have "Dyleria" or "Black
        Plague," unless you are vaccinated, especially if you only
        have a steal chain.  The "Killer Roach" only applies to
        games which are using Donna Murrell's Monster.Dat.)

        Step 11
        Go into the Complex, increase your dex and if you have
        enough experience points for Level 2, increase your hit
        Step 12
        If you have enough water crystals and haven't bought
        Leather Armor yet do so now.  Also buy yourself another med
        kit and if you have enough buy a Summoner and Galacticon
        (*note: the galaticon only applies if you have monsters on
        Map 1 that tell you where the oracle is.) in that order.  
        Step 13
        Go back out into the Wastelands.  Don't go very far away
        from the Complex, and WATCH FOR THE CYCLONE.
        Step 14
        Start killing monsters.  Keep killing monsters until you
        have enough experience points make Level 3 and come
        back into the Complex to increase your stats.  If you are
        having trouble hitting increase your Dex, but if not
        increase your Hit Points you will LAST LONGER and will be
        able to withstand a few misses here and there.  Also as
        soon as possible pick up a Rad Suit and keep an eye on your
        Radiation Exposure.  Don't let it get OVER 50%  use med
        kits if you have to, to lower it.  If you start running low
        on med kits and are down to about 4 or 5 applications then
        start running away from the monsters that don't have one.  
        Wait until you can get another med kit before trying to
        kill any more monsters.

        Step 15
        Go back out into the Wastelands and kill until you have
        enough experience points to make level 4, After you make
        Level 4 and maybe at Level 3 you will be able to kill the
        KIller Roach, if his Rads are over 50% I would recommend
        not messing with him.  Watch the number count of the items
        falling if they are close to 300, pick up what items you
        can and go back into the Complex and sell them. I usually
        only pick up the High Crystal Items such as Rad Suits, Aerial
        Scans, Skulls, Xendrix's and Natase's.  But don't waste
        time on it.  TIME IS IMPORTANT!
        Step 16
        Once you have enough experience points to make Level 4 go
        back into the Complex adjust your stats, I usually increase
        my hit points.  Then if you have already sold the high
        Crystal items outside go into the supply room and sell the
        weapons you have and buy an Electric Sword, and the Best
        Long Range Weapon you can.  I usually have enough after I
        take out a loan for 30,000 crystals to get a Raxhaven.
        Load both weapons with ammo.  Do not put more than 100
        rounds on the Long Range, you won't need that many.  But on
        the Short Range I would suggest putting 150-200 rounds on it.
        If you still have enough crystals left over buy a Laser
        Vest or Shezvarin Armor.  I usually don't do that, I am
        satisfied with leather armor and you should have that on
        already or laying outside from one of the monsters you killed.
        Step 17    *****THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP*****
        Go back out into the Wastelands, and once you are Over 16,000
        you should be able to kill monsters easily and pick up med
        kits and armor from what you have killed.  Keep track of
        how many rounds your weapons have and how many applications
        are left on your med kits.  (I suggest using the "D" key to
        keep track of how many rounds you have left on your weapons
        and armor.  This is a faster method of checking, than the
        "C", because the "Drop items" selection is not as detailed  
        and will scroll through faster, than the "Check Status"
        selection.) When you start getting low on meds wait for a
        monster that has low rads and has med kits on him.  Do the
        same thing with the Armor, if your Hits are getting low
        then wait for a monster that has armor or pick up armor
        that is laying around.  Keep killing and killing and
        killing and killing.  Use the space bar to abort the screen
        and stay in one spot if you haven't been doing so already
        (WHICH YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN). It takes approximately
        62-70 kills to make Level 7.  
        **********Nice to know things about the game**********

    1.  The following are the only things that can kill you in the
                1) Fighting Monsters
                2) Getting Shot in the Back (I hate this one.)
                3) Dying of Hunger
                4) Excessive Radiation
                5) Diseases
                6) Poison
                7) STUPIDITY - Not surrendering to monster's because
                               you don't want to give them half your
                               crystals or you want something they
                               are carrying, i.e. Weapons, armor,

                Cool Other players (after you log out of the game.)
                   This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I hate it
                   when a higher level player kills lower level
                   players.  This game is about killing Overkill not
                   each other.  The only time I will kill another
                   player is if they Attack me while I am camped out
                   in the wastelands or in my base, Attack my bases,
                   steal my trikorder, they are a higher level than
                   I, or are killing lower level players and
                   destroying their property.  A player who kills
                   a lower level player without cause (ie for kicks)
                   is a sore on the wastelands and should be shown
                   no mercy, and killed on site, if they are found
                   dead in the wastelands they should be stripped of
                   everything and left for the vultures.

        Other than the above reasons you can wander around the
        Wastelands indefinitely with 1 hp. In other words you can
        fall in as many pits, and ride the cyclone as many times as
        you want with 1 hp and it won't kill you, but if you suffer
        from 1-6 listed above, you have a very good chance of dying.

    2.  You can't fall through a radiation pit that has a rock
        underneath it.

    3.  Once you step on a radiation pit and don't fall through to
        the next Map Level, you can step on other radiation pits
        successively without falling into them and taking hit point
        damage, as long as you don't step on any other type of
        terrain in between.

    4.  The following is what Experience Levels you can find the
        Oracle on the Different Map Levels:
                You can find the Oracle on:
                        Map 1 - when you are Level  4 or below
                        Map 2 - when you are Level  6 or below
                        Map 3 - when you are Level  8 or below
                        Map 4 - when you are Level 10 or below
                        Map 5 - when you are Level 12 or below
        After you make Level 13, you can no longer find the oracle
        on any of the maps.  The best way to remember what Map to
        look on is when the game tells you, You will now get low
        experience point values for the monsters above Map 2,3,4,
        or 5.  If you are getting low exp point values and crystals
        from the monsters you can't find the Oracle on that Map.

        Using this information, technique and practice you will be
        able to make *AT LEAST LEVEL 6* within 60 mins and if you
        really are kicking butt then you will make Level 7 and
        deserve it!!!  The main thing is DON'T PIDDLE AROUND you
        need to make a decision and stick with it.  Don't waste
        time thinking about what to do.

                       ****  Good Luck  ****
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