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Author Topic: How to Make Level 7 within 60 mins, part I  (Read 3361 times)
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« on: December 04, 2004, 08:19:54 am »

I found this archaic tome, nestled into the side of a towering cliff, about half way up the climb.  I can't claim that it's still useful, and assimilate any information with a raised brow.

                                Lesson 1B
                         (Lesson_1.TXT revised)

        ******* How to Make Level 7 within 60 mins. *******

        Step 1
        Before you play check the Frontier to see who played
        and to see if the spaceship has gone by when the previous
        player played.

        Step 2
        If someone has played and the spaceship has not gone
        by skip Step 6.

        Step 3
        Log into the game and select Savian.
        *Note (Don't worry about the stats.)

        Step 4
        Go to the Barracks and select Recruit Chambers then User

        Step 5  
        Turn on the Expert Mode and select a Fight delay of 1.
        *Note (The only differnce between the Expert Mode and the
         Other, its been since so long since I used it I forgot what
         its called,  is how the menu is displayed on the screen.
         Instead of taking up the whole screen, the expert mode list
         the commands in a straight line across the bottom. This
         allows the screen to scroll through faster, thus more
         monsters show up in a shorter period of time.)

        Step 6  
        Go to the Supply Room and buy a steal chain.

        Step 7  
        Go back to the Barracks and then to the Bank and deposit
        all but 10 crystals.

        Step 8  
        The Biggie!!!!!  Go out into the Wastelands.

        Step 9  
        If you don't have a weapon yet look around the Complex for
        a Steal Chain, Salanger, or Natase.  If you can find
        items to sell pick them up preferably the more expensive
        items first.  If you find enough to sell come back into the
        Complex and sell them.  If you have enough crystals after
        the sale buy leather if not wait until Step 14  If you
        can't find a weapon then go back to Step 6. (DO NOT GO MORE

        Step 10
        Kill two monsters. That will give you enough experience
        points to reach level 1.

        *Warning* (DO NOT mess with the "Killer Roach"!!!!  That can
        wait until you get to Level 3 and have Armor and more hit
        points.  I also suggest staying away from monsters that
        have 10 hps more than you and, or have "Dyleria" or "Black
        Plague," unless you are vaccinated, especially if you only
        have a steal chain.  The "Killer Roach" only applies to
        games which are using Donna Murrell's Monster.Dat.)
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