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Author Topic: Story by Weezel and Suprax  (Read 3701 times)
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« on: July 20, 2008, 10:02:16 pm »

The War for Territorial Rights

Told by Suprax (Southern Leader) and Weezal Dub (Northern Leader)


   <<<<<<  BOOM  >>>>>>  It was like thunder rolling over the
wastelands.  Never had I heard such a deafening explosion.  Several
in a row jarred me out of my bunk so hard that I dropped some of
my gear and fell to my knees.  I looked around to see who was injured
and who was grabbing for their weapons.  We were under attack.
   <<<<<<  BOOM  >>>>>>  Again it sounded !!  "MY GOD, they're taking
us OUT!"  I yelled.  The sound was so loud that not much of my yelling
was heard past the explosions.  It was the NORTHERN Warriors who wanted
our bases out of the wastelands.

   We had been at war now for a decade with Weezal Dub leading his
troups against us.  He had sent his two mightiest fighters to take
out our bases:  Draino Child and The Terminator, both were deadly!

   "They found us!"  someone yelled from the Technical Room near
the telepod.  I couldn't tell whose voice it was at the time, but that
whole room collapsed in a rubble of dust as I ran toward it.

The Northern's were as hard core as we were from the start.  I had
heard The Terminator would.......  it's too terrifying to even think
about.  I had to get out of this base fast!  Suddenly, the inner wall
went.  We were breeched!!
   "It's The Terminator!"
   Hawk found me the next morning still badly wounded.  "Hey, I haven't
seen you look this bad since the last party you had in Base 1!"  Hawk
smiled down.  Throwing me over his shoulder, he carried me back to the
main base for medpacks.
   Gathering up my recruits and going over serious strategic moves, we
were ready!  It was time to put all moves into action now, I just needed
a day or two to recover from the injuries and have the bases stocked.
Orders went out to Jimbo and Black Knight to stock strategic bases with
medpacks and duroplast for the next wave of battle.  It was OUR time!!

Weezal Dub:

     "A job well done, recruits -- Terminator, Draino Child.  Your efforts
have been a brillant spectre.  Congrats on the take down of two of their
Bases this morrow.  We only have..." -- I was sorely interrupted when a
brick of stone soared by my head as the front gate of our Base had been
breeched.  "Out...everyone get out!  Plan B in affect!"  I scurried to the
Tech room to take a glimpse through the Base scanner.  "Suprax...," I
gritted through my teeth.  "Bloody hell... the bitch won't stop."  A hand
suddenly grabbed my soldier -- it was Captain Marvelous.  "Sir, our shell
Bases in tact.  Permission to lead Ryu, Gideon, Blading Warrior, and the
rest of the crew to The Punisher's awaiting Baa.." I cut in before he could
finish his sentence: "Permission granted!  Get the hell out of here!  The
Base is going to blow!"  Ryu stepped from behind Captain Marvelous.  "Dub,
I'll not go down with this Base.  I'll stand by your side and protect it
with my life."  I winced as another explosion came from the front gates
as the Accelator's hum ceased.  "Dammit, man.  There's no stopping them
this round.  I admire your faithfulness and your courage, Ryu, but we
must live to fight another day.  Gather your weapons and prepare to charge
out through the gates.  Maybe we can create a diversion if a few lasers
from our Herculean's nearmiss them."  Ryu didn't hesitate as he quickly
collected the remaining medpacks from the storage bins.  Side by side,
we charged through the smoke out into the nothing...

Moral of this story:
Don't Mess With Texas!!!

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