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Author Topic: At War  (Read 3958 times)
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« on: July 20, 2008, 10:04:40 pm »

The War Of Pangaea

Told by Suprax (Southern Leader) and Weezal Dub (Northern Leader)


      One of the Hounds was staring me in the face!  Before I could
blink, before I could take another step, It attacked!!  Like lightening
zipping through the sky's and even with the same grace, I slowly had to
beat it down.  That hound was dead, but wait a minute, another one attacked
me from behind!  I had to run this time.  Resting on a rock near the prison,
I had to catch my breath.  But I would have to engage in battle again and
again in order to beat the Prison Hounds.  They were tough ones!  Some
of the Northern Troop's leaders had been picked up during the night by
hydrites, and it was up to me to get them out of prison and take them to
the interrigation campsite.
       "DAMN! I have to get past ONE more Hound in order to get inside
the Prison walls!"  Suprax said with determination.  She was the strongest
right now in the Southern force.  Hawk, who was second in command, was
currently Heading up a Rock investigation for rare minerals and could not
get back in time for Daybreak when the Northern Troops would start moving
against us again.
       Finally the last hound bite the Prison walls and died.  *SIGH* At
Last She could rest for a minute before setting off the Duroplast against
the Prison walls.   She lit the fuse and Ran!

...............<<< BOOM >>>

       The Prison Gate blew open!  The halls dark and damp without a scanner
to lite the way in the prison makes it very difficult to move around the
Rock walls.  But Suprax managed to find her way to Cell A.  She used the Red
Key and slid the Cell door open.  "Outa My way, Wench!"  Weezal Dub Shouted
as he pushed his way past Suprax.  "I'll see you outside, later!" Suprax
Yelled back at him with a Grin on her face.
        That she did.  She managed to get Weezal Dub back to her campsite
where the rest of the forces attempted to get him to talk.  "Where are your
Troops Located, Weezal?!"  Scouled Major Deth.  "Ha!" Laugh Weezal which
just angered Wolfen and Kraven all the more.

Weezal Dub:

Captain Dub's brows narrowed as he wiped a spat of green blood from
his forehead, that from which a Hydrite Guard's fate was summoned early
under Dub's Xendrix.  The greenish-yellow moon casted an eerie shadow
through the dark as sparks flickered from the camp fire.  As he slowly
moved his hand toward his backpack, the pressure from the axe upon Dub's
neck increased.  "Don't even move, Northerner," Wolfen growled.  Dub's
hand ceased further motion.  Suprax, the leader of the Southern forces,
stepped from the shadows and her stern face glowed from the campfire.
"Now, Weezal Snub, why don't you tell me where the rest of your forces
are stationed before my friend Wolfen decides to roast you like a Hydrite
over the fire?"  Weezal Dub used the sleeve of his environmental suit
to clear his sinsuses.  "You know, I haven't been invited to dinner in
a LONG time," Weezal sarcastically remarked.  Suprax's fists clenched
her Xendrix as she stepped into Dub's face.  "You DON'T want to see me
use this Xendrix on you, fool."  Dub smirked and quickly turned his
attention to the dark sky.  "You're nearly next of kin in this land,
Northerner, but I'll give you at least your pick of weapon you'd like
to be beheaded with."  Wolfen raised his TransAxe while Suprax firmly
displayed her bloodstained Xendrix.  "The choice is yours."  Weezal
Dub's smirk quickly faded as a bead of sweat trickled down his forehead.
Hawk, another Southerner, cracked his knuckles in delight as Dub struggled
to find enough saliva to swallow.  "I'll take the TransAxe," Weezal Dub
gulped.  "If I should die, I'd rather die in honor by the weapon of our
main oppositiion, the Hydrites, rather than the weapon of the dearest and
most kind Southerners."  Hawk grimmaced as Dub's words struck another
nerve of rivalry.  "Off with his head!" Hawk shouted as he urgently
gestured toward Suprax with his TransAxe.  Suprax nodded to the slouched
Weezal Dub, "As you wish, yankee."  Hawk drooled as he forced Dub onto
the ground with Dub's head propped against a petrified-rock tree stump.
Hawk raised the newly sharpened TransAxe above his head as it shimmered
in the moonlight.  "Maybe next time, Hawk...," Weezal Dub murmored to
Hawk.  "There will be no next time, Weezal!" Hawk screeched as his TransAxe
quickly sliced through the air to meet Dub's bare neck.  An instant before
the final blow, a bright yellow light flashed for a split second.  The
TransAxe came crashing down upon the stone treestump in a clash of violent
sparks.  Hawk flew backwards in agony and landed in the glowing campfire.
Suprax drew her Xendrix and cocked her arm in striking motion.  Wolfen
quickly grabbed Hawk's feet and dragged him from the fire, smothering
any flames that found they're way upon his flammable combat suit.  Suprax
relaxed her weapon and cursed loudly into the air.  "What the hell?" Wolfen
dumbfoundedly asked as his jaw dropped open.  Suprax sighed to Hawk,
"Dammit.  Maybe next time..." and she walked back into the darkness.
Wolfen, still confused, through up his arms in disbelief.  Hawk wrapped
his arm around Wolfen's shoulder as they loosely followed Suprax to their
Base.  "Wolfie...let me tell you a thing or two about Telegrasps..."

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