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Author Topic: Old Story by Tarix :)  (Read 4780 times)
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« on: July 20, 2008, 10:08:49 pm »

By Michael Montague
Life Story

Here's a quiet little story of my life:

   TARIX walked in the Complex stumbled down the hall and colapsed on his small
bunk.  He threw off his pack and tucked it neatly beside his bunk.

   "Man, that was the worst day I've had in a while," he mumbled to himself.
"More damn Hydrites out and around than I've got ammo for...  Might as well get
some rest, it's going to be a worse night tomorrow."

   I lay on the bed and went quickly to sleep remembering first to slip on arm
through my pack.  I fell asleep counting my ctystals with my hands.

   "Gunfire!"  I thought outloud and then blackness.  A Hydrite had knocked me
out with his SanPlizer and was dragging me out of the complex.  With the last
of my conciousness I tried to fight free, but to no avail.  I went off into a
dreamy sleep totally aware of my dreded destination.

   I awoke with another jolt and my eyes quickly focused to the dim light of
the prison.  I could tell that something abnormal was going on.  Alarms were
going off everyone and gun fire could be heard.  Faster than I could think the
gun fire neared me and three Hydrites went down one after another.  A strange
and gruff voice was heard outside my door.  "Damn weeklings always sleeping in
the complex with there telegrasps."  He quickly fumbled with a few keys and
flung the door open into my head.  Conciousness once again left me.

   The visions of that night were a total blur and I couldn't remember much of
anything.  I noticed part of a message scraped in the sand and bent down to
read it:

   "Well, I didn't bother killing you because that Black Plauge you have will
do the job nicely. - HAWK"

   "Well, what a privilege," I thought.  "Some HX bigshot rescues me and
doesn't even have the guts to kill me.  He actually thinks I'll die because of
some week disease?"

   I picked up my stuff and checked my invintory.  Not much was left, but my
"friend" had left my only Med Pack.  I quickly pulled out the maps of the local
terrain and started walking toward the hole.

   Nothing bothered me on that walk, mostly to my disappointment.  I got safely
to the hole without any Hemp Rope.  So I continued walking in basically
unfarmiliar territory.  I had never been here before, but had been given a map
of the place by our team leader WEZEL DUB.  They were very helpful at this
point.  I turned and scanned the horizon and checked the maps.  There wasn't
much around so I started to scout the surrounding territory.

   There's not much more to say after that.  I found a friendly base and took
up rest for the night.  By tomorrow I'll have some fresh supplys and I will be
ready to challenge the wastelands again.  So once again I lie on my bunk and go
to sleep wondering what tonight will bring.  Only one thought comes to mind:
"Dallas in '92."

This story has been especially dedicated to HAWK. - Mike aka Tarix
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« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2008, 08:10:44 am »

Bahahahaha!!  Great post, Suprax!!
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