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Author Topic: How to get rich quick in multiple ways....  (Read 2764 times)
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« on: December 28, 2010, 11:08:31 am »

Okay, here's some things I do to get rich in OOII.  This helped me kick many asses back in the day:

Step 1:
When you first start out (assuming you're starting with 2000 crystals), buy a Medkit and Summoner.
Put the rest of your crystals in the bank, but keep 10 on you in case you need to surrender at some point.

Now go out and fight monsters!  LOTS of them, but stay within 1 or 2 steps of the Complex.  Pick up medkits/rations when you need to,
and sell the rest of the loot.  Keep doing this until you're level 5 or so, when level 1 monsters give less exp.
At that point,  you should move on to step 2.

Step 2:
Now that you're tough enough to survive outside, and probably have some nice moolah saved up, buy yourself an Enviro Suit and
buy a Hemp Rope if you don't have one.  Now you can be a dirty cheater and look at the map text to find the nearest hole down.
Make sure it has a hole back up within easy reach.  If not, figure out the best path to get you from the Complex to map 2 and back.
Now farm items like you did in Step 1, until you're level 7 or so, or until you feel comfortable going to map 3.
Once you have enough crystals to build a base with a telepod, move on to step 3.

Step 3:
Now for the fun part!  Once you know a good route from the Complex to map2, then to map 3... head on down there and find a good
spot to build a base.  The ideal spot should be within telepod range of the HOLE UP on map 2, the hole you used to farm those items in
step 2.  Now you can farm items on map 3, store them in your base (helps avoid the Hydrite Sweep), and to sell them simply tele
to the hole up, use your rope, and walk to the Complex.  If you're lazy, you can build a base on map 2 as well, or even make a "chain" of bases to use simply to move items from lower map levels back to the Complex to sell.
Once you have a stockpile of Zimmers, Trikorders, and at least 1 TrigNet, move on to step 4.

Step 4:
Now that you've become a badass in the wastelands, head down to the map level 5 AFB.  Inside, there is a Clone Guard.
Uber wealth can be gained from it as follows:
Carry 1 weapon, preferably a TrigNet or other long range weapon.  Carry only valuable items, or things you want lots of, like Zimmers,
Telegrasps, Trikorders, Floppy Disks, etc.  Make sure to leave half your inventory full, and 1 weapon slot empty!

Now beat the hell out of yourself and when the clone dies, it drops all the crap you're carrying.  Just pick it up, move over to a safe spot,
drop the cloned items, heal up, and repeat!  Don't forget to keep at least 1 full medkit on you so you can keep it up.
If you have a medpack with say, 2 charges left on it, that's what you'll get on the cloned one.  So having a full medpack just for cloning
is important if you wish to keep it up a lot.
I'm sure lots of you have done this, but I built 2 telepod-chains of 10 or 12 bases in about 3 days from doing this, ended up with a base
loaded with Zimmers, Telegrasps, Landmines, Floppy Disks, TrigNets, and other cool stuff.
I kicked a lot of butt back then on my Vic-20 and 300 baud modem, mostly using the techniques listed above.

One cool thing to do is to clone lots of Zimmers and Duroplast.  Then you can carry half your inventory of Zimmers and Half Duroplast, allowing you to attack a base and Zimm back after the Zaxtron teleports you away (cause you KNOW everyone used the Zaxtron lol)
You can easily wtfblast a base open in under 3 minutes this way, assuming you have the stuff you need.

Personally, I liked the Gamma-Radix cannon.  Also the Spore Sprayer.  Those are probably the best for base defense really.
The Gamma-Radix cannon has left corpses at the doors of my bases before.  Don't underestimate the power of rads! Smiley
If you build your base on a Radiation Dump, I THINK it works better, because they're also taking ambient radiation exposure.
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